Seva Family Counselling Centre

The unique nuclear are broken day by day false promise for marriage abuse at the work place be tray in family life extramarital relation and causing of harms through polygamy are the factors which devastated the strong foundation of her Indian families. Family Counselling is the instrument which can make effective mutual settlement without losing heart of both the spouse.

Central Social Welfare Board, New-Delhi is had sanctioned Grant-in-aid in favour of SEVA to start Family Counselling Centre in the year 2003-2004. Accordingly SEVA has started Family Counselling Centre in SEVA Complex just adjacent to SEVA SWADHAR GREH. One lady and one gents counselor have been appointed to take care-up and to give legal as sistance to the needy women. Last year we have registered 152 cases and out of them 119 cases were solved and other cases are being followed-up.