About us

SEVA established as a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit making voluntary organization on 31st January,1988. It is Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 Bearing Registration No. 2923-172 of 1990-91. It is also registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation act 1976 bearing the Registration No. 105020177. The societies is dedicated to the cause of the persons with disabilities and received license from the State Government under section 52 of the persons with disabilities ( Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and the Full participation) Act of 1995 bearing the Registration No.121 of WCD 2006. It is also registered under section 34(3) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act of 2000 and its amendment in 2006 bearing registration No. 01/CCI/NGR/2013 and the organization registered with National Trust (Under section 12(4)) Act bearing registration No. 010119301896035/MR/CP/AUTISM/MD and also registered under u/s 12AA of the Income Tax, 1961 vide Regn No. URN AALTS3232R/07/14-15/S-0281.The organization also registered provision of Immoral traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 (No. 104 of 1956) and the Prevention of Immoral Traffic (Orissa) Rules, 1959 bearing Regn No.WCD/ITPA/2015/OT/D24/00009.

SEVA is managed by Governing Body comprising of the following Office bearers President, Vice -President, General Secretary, Asst. Secretary ,Treasurer and two members. Which is being elected from the General Body consisting of 23 members.


All round development of human resources basically those who are Persons with Disabilities, Children , Women, Dalits and other marginalized section of the society and ensuring them the right to life with dignit


SEVA envisions a society accessible for all with equality, justice and fraternity.


SEVA Operates in all the Block of Nayagarh District.


Main activities for the last few years are Environmental Awareness , Plantation ,Health and sanitation ,care of the aged ,Social Awareness among Women ,Youth development programmes, Consumer protection ,Drug counseling , Literacy ,Education to Disabled Children, Entrepreneurship development, Training Programme and Residential camp for Adolescent Girls HIV/AIDS awareness programme and many more. SEVA foresees to achieve its organizational mission by involving the people in planning and implementation in various programmes aimed towards the community .A group of committed human resources are with SEVA regarded as assets. The organization has earned the respect and credibility from the public and the district administration for its dealing and quality of work implemented.


The General Body of SEVA consist of 23 members and its managing committee consist of 7 office bearers including one SC lady, one OBC and a Person with Disability member. General Body is the policy making body while the managing committee is responsible for its implementation and execution of policy framed and programmes. The Secretary is the chief functionary and responsible for day to day affaires of the organization . The members of SEVA are two types , life times members and annual members.

Our Projects

Seva Institute For Mentall Challenged

Vocational Training centre For Mentally Retarded Children

Survey and Identification camp For Mentally Retarded Children

Parents Awareness Programme For Mentally Retarded Children

Seva Integrated Rehabilitation Centre For Addicts

Swadhar Greh For Destitute Woman and Girls

Seva Family Counselling Centre

Seva Training Centre For Teachers of the mentally Retarded (A Unit Of Seva)


SEVA has its headquarters at Nayagarh,.Presently it is working in the Eight block of Nayagarh District and Bolagarh Block of Khordha District.


SEVA has been functioning through a group of committed and dedicated professionals to fulfill its vision . It has the strength of mobilizing support (moral &financial) from the public and well wishers .


SEVA has owned a land measuring 0.7 Acre in Kalahandi Mouza of Nayagarh Block.